Bonefire Fade and Decay LP

Third LP from these Minneapolis thrashing metal-punk veterans’ project—BONEFIRE features members of MISERY, SOCIAL SCHISM (UK) and TROUBLEMAKER (CA). Snarling anthemic hardcore with a no-fucks-given attitude. Lots of catchy breakdowns, a tight double kick pedal that won’t let up, and bass grooves that add a lot of ingenuity to pretty standard albeit furiously charged compositions. […]

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BONEFIRE: Murderapolis: CD

Minneapolis hoodlums Bonefire bum rush the venue doors, chug beers, and skip the sound check to immediately plug in and crank out severe hardcore punk damage à la Discharge, Victims (Sweden), and Poison Idea. Calling all posers, scene climbers, and internet dwellers: not welcome. Originally posted at: […]

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Based out of the frozen wasteland called Minneapolis sprung the makings of the record label entitled FTWNU2, and out of the snowed in tundra they have released hellfire with the soundtrack of Bonefire, Trinity Test, Dissident Clone, No Skin and Hive playing in the background to pummel your senses. A small Minnesota based and run […]

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