Based out of the frozen wasteland called Minneapolis sprung the makings of the record label entitled FTWNU2, and out of the snowed in tundra they have released hellfire with the soundtrack of Bonefire, Trinity Test, Dissident Clone, No Skin and Hive playing in the background to pummel your senses. A small Minnesota based and run label dealing with only Minnesota band. It’s hard to find nowadays where a label deals with just local bands and it shows in their releases, not many releases out but DAMN what they do have is just insane.

I ordered from then a while back The Bonefire Murderapolis cd and was not disappointed, hell i ordered on a Saturday and i think it was Monday ( or was it Tuesday ) a package arrived from Ftwnu2 with the CD and a few extra goodies , some stickers , some badges and a Dissident Clone 7″

They have a couple new releases coming out soon , first up is Trinity Test 10 song LP or CD to be released this Saturday (TOMORROW) on Record Store Day and limited to 100 each.

And next they will be releasing on 5/15/2019 Bonefire “Fade & Decay” , and if it’s anything like Murderapolis i will not be disappointed¬† and they are now a 5 piece.

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