*Album Review* Bonefire- ‘Murderapolis’

Bonefire is one of those bands that I saw once and instantly fell in love with. Their intensity and in your face attitude is something that most bands just don’t have anymore but they had it and it created a monster inside of me. With vocalist Ben “Schism” Jimmick unafraid to get up in the crowd and push people around, their live show is one that has stuck in my mind and every time I get to see them perform it’s an absolute treat.

Their “Murderapolis” album kicks off with a bang with opening track “Shattered Mirrors”. The way it starts with just a single guitar note being held as the fast almost grindcore-esque drums kick in is the perfect way to start this album off. The vocals instantly join in next to shredding guitars creating a sense of energy that some albums and bands never quite get to. With obvious nods to the greats of the metal and punk scenes gone by, there are clear influences of the past that are seamlessly combined with a more modern vibe. The lyrics of this song seem to counter the intensity that comes across in the music. With lyrics like “Never be sad for what is over” and the ending line of “You only have control over yourself”, it was impossible to not fall in love with this band all over again when listening to this opening track.

A little less optimistic as far as lyrics go, the second track “Forever Ends” sticks with the sincere intensity that was laid out in the first song. With a bit more of a trashy edge to it, the guitars seem to reign supreme throughout this song as they chug for the entire three and a half minute song. That trashiness is instantly replaced by an old-school punk sound for “Numb-er & Dumber”. Fast and in your face, “Numb-er & Dumber” has lyrics pertaining to social media and people’s ten seconds of fame that are over “with the next scroll”. Their sound may be old school but their lyrics are not. Again, that’s part of the magic of this band. They are unique in the way they blend the worlds and old and new and it keeps this album feeling fresh.

Songs are short on this album averaging around two and a half minutes each but that’s the way it should be. The quick pace of each song would be overwhelming if any longer than that and it’s clear that the band has edited these songs down to perfection. Ben’s lyrics take a front seat in “Isolated” but there’s no ignoring Chris “Joker” Holtz’s guitars that still create a constant sense of motion alongside the bass played by Todd “Gags” Galione” and Derek “Sid” Klingeman’s dizzying drumming. “Isolated” ends without any warning leading me to play the track over and over again.

Although nothing changes musically, the lyrics of “Isolated” have a sense of sensitivity unlike the rest of the album. “As I exit stage left/ sitting here crying”. I mean, these guys don’t come off as the type of guys to be crying in a corner and the metal/punk scene is not a scene where you typically talk about that kind of stuff but the fact that they do and even put it on an album adds a side to this band that I wish more bands didn’t try to hide.

“Scene Climber” is one of those songs that instantly had me moving around my apartment and starting a small mosh pit with my cats (okay, that’s not true but wouldn’t that be awesome if I could get my cats to pit with me?!). Although the entire album is intense and in your face just like their live show, there was something about “Scene Climber” that had me instantly envisioning seeing it played live. I could just see Ben running around the audience and getting in people’s faces as Derek had sweat dripping down his face behind the drumset. It’s almost exhausting to listen to just because it’s so fast and so intense. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s a hard thing to translate a live set into a recording but Bonefire makes it seem so easy. Every song on this album had me imagining them playing right in front of me in my living room.

The album “ends” (there’s an additional two live tracks after it) with “Puke”. “Puke” ends the album just the way it started- fast and dirty. It leaves the listener wanting so much more and had me realizing just how fast this album goes by when listening to it. Although all of the songs have the same vibe to them, each song has something different to offer. Add the fast pace of each song to that and you are left with an album that definitely takes your breath away and is easy to listen to again and again.

As mentioned, the album ends with two live tracks from The Triple Rock Social Club (RIP!). The recording quality is definitely a bit harsher than the perfection of the first six songs but the vibe and sound of the band is the same. It goes back to me talking about how this is one of the few bands I’ve found where their recordings match the sound of them playing live. I was at the show that this was recorded at and I loved the fact that these recordings were un-altered and had me feeling like I was right back there. I could smell the PBR in the air as I listened to it and to say that brought me a sense of comfort would be an understatement.

With members of various other bands (including Misery, Social Schism, Troublemaker, and The Murderers), there’s more talent in this band that I have time to explain. Each member brings something to the table and that’s what makes this group such a dynamic one to listen to. Do you need an album to help get you going in the morning? This is that album.

My Favorite Track(s): “Scene Climber”

Chances Of Getting A Noise Complaint While Listening To In An Apartment: 9 out of 10

At Home Moshability: 8 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artemis walked away after I tried to start a mosh pit with him. Autumn slept on my bed in the other room

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 10 out of 10- Trick question though- I saw them before I listened to this and I know how great they are live

My Overall Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Check Out The Band Here:

Bonefire on Facebook

Buy Their Music Here!

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*Album Review* Dissident Clone- ‘Civilized’

Just looking at the album cover for Dissident Clone’s 2018 release “Civilized” had me excited. Although just black white and grey, there’s plenty of excitement happening on this cover. With zombie like monsters beheading (or smashing the head of) a figure that has a likeness to our dear old president all in front of a capital building, yeah, I was sold. Gorey, brutal, and not far from insane, this cover is definitely a good indication as to how the album is.

The unrecognizable vocals mixed with the intense drumming and chugging guitars instantly catapult you into a word of chaos and destruction. “Collapsed”, the opening song, may only be a minute and forty-six seconds long but it definitely packs a punch. The lyrics in this quick opening song set a stage for what’s to come as well. “Republic democracy/ A capitalist system of swine”. I mean, you do the math of adding that with the cover photo and try to tell me you don’t know what this album will be about.

The aggression and energy stays insane for the next song “Thoughthammer”. Half way through this song is the first time you hear vocalist Patrick Morris’ vocals turn into a terrifying growl and it definitely won’t be the last. Although just a two piece, the way Patrick and drummer Chad Brunsell are able to make this wall of sound with just the two of them is absolutely freaking mind blowing. The tempo stays at warped speed for “Mindmaggots”. Although it’s nearly impossible to understand majority of Patrick’s lyrics, there are moments in this song where you can hear some of what he’s saying and it’s almost as powerful as the music. “No guilt. No Salvation.” Again, the album artwork should say it all but, if not, the lyrics are there so push the point home a bit harder.

There’s a frantic feeling behind the opening of “Besieged and Entrusted”. With an furious drum beat to kick off the song, it quickly settles back into the same grindcore, death and overall overly heavy sound that the previous songs had. Also, like the other songs, this one just kind of ends and before you are able to even take a breath, you hear the cymbal hits that introduce the title track “Civilized”. The anger in the vocals matches the anger that the lyrics convey (and yes, I can say that because I’m sitting here reading the lyrics since there’s no way I could understand them without the liner notes). “Civilized” is definitely my favorite track on the album when it comes to the lyrics. It calls out people for not truly knowing what’s going on and living in a happy place that is completely fabricated by the people that want you to think everything is fine. It makes you question how much you really know about what’s going on and almost acts as a call to action.

“International Monetary Fraud” kicks off with a sound clip of, who I can only assume to be, a politician. I honestly love how political every single song on this album is. People judge the metal kids for not knowing what’s going on and just being angry all the time but this album (and “International Monetary Fraud” specifically) prove that there are people in this scene who know exactly what’s going on and demand a change. Up next is the longest song on the album at three and a half minutes- “Opinion Denied”. Opening up with a giant growl that will surely put goosebumps on your arm and make the hair on the back of your neck stand up straight, there’s this new darkness that can be heard in Patrick’s voice. A bit more growly and strained than previously on the album, “Opinion Denied” is definitely one of the heavier songs on this album.

The chaos and franticness takes a front seat as the album kicks into track eight “The Gnashing of Teeth”. It’s almost anxiety inducing with the way the cymbals and bass drum never seem to stop. It puts you in a fury and just when you think you’re about to loose is, the duo gives you a small break with a few seconds of just guitar before throwing you back into the fire. It’s almost as if you’re drowning in this sea of sound and are just given tiny chances to catch your breath before being dragged back under. That sounds terrible, I know, but, if you like this type of music, it is beyond perfect.

“Concentric Circles of Disgust” is another favorite of mine when it comes to lyrics. Much like “Civilized” this songs takes a stab at the people who aren’t helping anyone when it comes to progression and making this world a better and more equal place. Again, the anger in the voice and the aggression in the music says what the nearly unrecognizable lyrics are trying to say without you having to read the lyrics line for line. There’s a sense of power throughout this album which refuses to be ignored and “Concentric Circle of Disgust” seems to be the song where that vibe comes to a head.

Closing out this ten song album is “Scars and Stripes”. Although the song starts off a little less frantic than the rest, it doesn’t take long for the chaos to breakthrough. The vocals go from fairly clean to the point where you can almost understand some lines, back to Dissident Clone’s signature growl that reigns supreme throughout the rest of this album. Although each song is great, this song stood out to me musically. Maybe it’s because I’m truly just getting old and enjoy being able to understand the lyrics rather than having to read them or maybe there’s something about the music being less frantic and more just chaotic, regardless, this was a great closing piece for this album.

Dissident Clone’s “Civilized” album is definitely not for everyone but if you love your music to be extreme, in your face, chaotic and frantic while being extremely political then this album is for you. Being a political person and someone who finds the current state of the world to be unsettling to say the least, and a person who like her music heavy, I loved every second of this quick moving album.

My Favorite Track(s): “Concentric Circles of Disgust” and “The Gnashing of Teeth”

Chances Of Getting A Noise Complaint While Listening To In An Apartment: 9.3 out of 10

At Home Moshability: 7.1 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artemis laid on the couch with his paws over his ears. Autumn hid under my bed.

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7.3 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 4.1 out of 5

Check Out The Band Here:

Buy Dissident Clone’s Music Here

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Dissident Clone – Creating the Consumed: 7″

Crusty grindcore with death metal tendencies from this Minnesota two piece. The lyrics are heavy on the Assuck side of the political spectrum (anti-capitalism, et cetera) while the musical savagery is accented by Malevolent Creation-style guitar licks. The recording quality has some jagged edges but gives it the kind of charm you can’t buy with Relapse Records studio money. There was some serious special attention paid to the packaging with the 7” booklet stuffed inside an 8 ½” x 11” poly bag with a giant foldout newsprint poster, tons of stickers, and a button. I bet these dudes slay live.


Dissident Clone – Creating the Consumed: 7″

Is it possible to play bass while simultaneously using the strings to strangle people? Because that’s what this sounds like. Heads just locked against the fretboard while faces turn red and eyes pop out of their sockets. Rumbling. And I’m sure the guitar is slick with blood. Are those drums or electric skulls being beaten with severed arms? The singer’s voice is like the howl of a yeti, blasting out words and the undigested bones of his enemies. I just listened to this record eight times in a row and I’m not entirely sure where this pig carcass came from. And that’s definitely not my blood.

MP Johnson


Based out of the frozen wasteland called Minneapolis sprung the makings of the record label entitled FTWNU2, and out of the snowed in tundra they have released hellfire with the soundtrack of Bonefire, Trinity Test, Dissident Clone, No Skin and Hive playing in the background to pummel your senses. A small Minnesota based and run label dealing with only Minnesota band. It’s hard to find nowadays where a label deals with just local bands and it shows in their releases, not many releases out but DAMN what they do have is just insane.

I ordered from then a while back The Bonefire Murderapolis cd and was not disappointed, hell i ordered on a Saturday and i think it was Monday ( or was it Tuesday ) a package arrived from Ftwnu2 with the CD and a few extra goodies , some stickers , some badges and a Dissident Clone 7″

They have a couple new releases coming out soon , first up is Trinity Test 10 song LP or CD to be released this Saturday (TOMORROW) on Record Store Day and limited to 100 each.

And next they will be releasing on 5/15/2019 Bonefire “Fade & Decay” , and if it’s anything like Murderapolis i will not be disappointed  and they are now a 5 piece.

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Under the Red and Black Flag

FTWNU2 Productions

A honest and reliable small label with great bands, and orders come with a little something extra. Keeping and supporting their local scene alive, what could you ask more for.

‎Allen Henrichs‎

BONEFIRE: Murderapolis: CD

Minneapolis hoodlums Bonefire bum rush the venue doors, chug beers, and skip the sound check to immediately plug in and crank out severe hardcore punk damage à la Discharge, Victims (Sweden), and Poison Idea. Calling all posers, scene climbers, and internet dwellers: not welcome.

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Juan Espinosa


Ten new tracks of blindingly fast crust-grind from this Minnesota duo. Dissident Clone’s lyrics are politically charged with a specific focus on a call for unification in the wake of the shitstorm that the “Golden Dunce” has created. Musically, they seem to have gotten tighter and still remind me of early Phobia or even Disrupt gone death metal. Amazing artwork from Vincent Locke (Cannibal Corpse album artist). Fuckin’ A, this rules.

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Juan Espinosa

HIVE / NO SKIN: Split: 7”

Minneapolis hardcore punk never dies. Hive start things off with two “neo crust” detonations: heavy, mid-paced, apocalyptic hardcore punk similar to His Hero Is Gone. No disrespect to Hive, but No Skin win this split with three songs of venomous hardcore with nary a trace of melody or positivity: an eviler Poison Idea or Long Knife. Not since the now classic Totalitar / Tragedy split are you gonna find a more perfect pairing of contrasting hardcore punk styles that work so well together on the same disc. Get this, get drunk, and burn down a bank.

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Juan Espinosa

Bonefire Fade and Decay LP

Third LP from these Minneapolis thrashing metal-punk veterans’ project—BONEFIRE features members of MISERY, SOCIAL SCHISM (UK) and TROUBLEMAKER (CA). Snarling anthemic hardcore with a no-fucks-given attitude. Lots of catchy breakdowns, a tight double kick pedal that won’t let up, and bass grooves that add a lot of ingenuity to pretty standard albeit furiously charged compositions. The guitars are fuzzy, the vocals are gargled, the riffs are dirty. Everything sounds filthy and punk as fuck, but the morose bridges are taken with pause, and the recording was handled with a lot of care. Oh geez, and this is an Enormous Door mastering job, who up the ante again. So good. Fade and Decay is easy to get into, and features signature sounds from said members’ bands, while putting forth a unique, shadowy, and saturated new offering. I’m reminded of KILLING JOKE, INSIDE OUT, HIGH ON FIRE, VARUKERS and CHAOS UK, all at the same time. I mean…

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FTWNU2 is a record label out of Minnesota that signs local bands from around the St.Paul-Minneapolis area. It is run by a beautiful and kind man, who is also a great tattoo artist, Dan Dittmer. The label specializes in punk/hardcore/metal type stuff. This is a very small-scale DIY label that is very aesthetically old school with fold out posters/lyric sheets in its vinyl and CDs. Stickers. Patches. You get the idea. Check’em out here:

Originally Published: Null’s 2019 Musical Obsessions


Bonefire, Fade and Decay (FTWNU2, 2019), Murderapolis (FTWNU2, 2018).

For me, Bonefire are the punk rock offspring of Motorhead; they have that “sandstorm sound” that I equate with Motorhead. However, Bonefire are more of the mature punk rock types. The music is intense and the lyrics are great. For instance the song “Fade and Decay,” from the album of the same name, almost always brings a tear to my eye because it speaks of getting older and watching one’s life and loved ones fade away, as death is the ultimate end for us all. The song “Media Slave” critiques social media and its negative effect on individuals and the community. Great guys. Great band. Great t-shirts.

Originally Published: Null’s 2019 Musical Obsessions


Dissident Clone, Civilized (FTWNU2, 2018), Creating the Consumed 7” EP (FTWNU2, 2016), State of DysphoriaDigital EP (FTWNU2, 2014).

I’m not a big fan of death metal, but I love Cannibal Corpse. I think they are called “extreme death metal,” or something. There are so many subgenres in metal that I have a hard time keeping up. At any rate, I have had a difficult time finding another death metal band that I like…until I heard Dissident Clone. I don’t know if this is grindcore-deathmetal-rabbitskull-clustefuckironface or whatever ya call it, but I instantly loved it. They lyrics are political, which is a welcomed change compared to Cannibal’s cartoonish gore fest. Dissident Clone lyrics are great, but you’re gonna need the lyrics sheet. So many different voices. I laugh out loud in pure joy listening to how crazy some of this sounds. Only two people are in this band. They are extremely talented. This stuff is intense, but when all else fails, these guy scratch that itch. I love it.

Originally Published: Null’s 2019 Musical Obsessions


Trinity Test, Trinity Test (FTWNU2, 2019).

Trinity Test is another great FTWNU2 band, except they are more of a traditional punk rock band than the previous two bands. The album sounds a little lo-fi, but that only results in a feeling of authenticity. Good lyrics and possibly the greatest album cover of the year. Keep your kids away from Catholic priests and Donald Trumps.
Trinity Test has a new album coming out soon.

Originally Published: Null’s 2019 Musical Obsessions


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