Forged under seven months of winter. We are not for the weak.

Coffin Rites

Coffin Rites is : (Will Maravelas - Guitar, Backing Vocals, Drew Blood - Vocals, Casey Harris- Bass, Tom Tier - Drums, Taylor Haagensen - Guitars) Coffin Rites was founded in late 2016 in Minneapolis, MN after the demise of several prominent local/regional acts. The goal was to create music on their terms, focused yet diverse; classic yet modern. The band bonded over their common love of Carcass, At the Gates, Rotting Christ, Skeletonwitch, Cannibal Corpse and others. Defining the sound has not been easy… but at the core the group is a death metal band channeling the music they enjoy into a singular cohesive onslaught. Coffin Rites are not parading around as carbon copies of their influences, but rather as a collection of everyone’s respective creative leanings.

In 2018 after a period of defining membership and writing as a unit, the band decided to debut as a fully formed project, opting not to set foot on stage until a proper album was ready for release with a full merch spread. The album “Retribution Divine” was released summer of 2018 via independent regional label Zerobudget Records. The album was tracked at 14:59 studios in Minneapolis by Will Maravelas, the band’s guitar player. Will has worked with several prominent bands over the last 15 years including Circle II Circle, Incinerate, Thor, Impaler and others. “Retribution Divine '' sold out of physical copies through the band's relentless touring of the Midwest until Covid shut down travel opportunities. In 2019, the band began writing the follow up album “Human Erase” opting to once again record the instruments at 14:59, with the purposed decision to track vocals at Signaturetone Studios in Minneapolis MN. The legendary Dan Swano was also hired to handle mastering duties. Notable Acts Coffin Rites has shared the Stage with are: Nile, Terrorizer, Revocation, Dying Fetus, Whitechapel, Spite, Fallujah, Zao, Wolf King, Reaping Asmodeia, Warforged, more...

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Includes current and former member of: We Are Legion, Cognitive Dissonance, Annihilation Process, Agony Reigns and Hard Luck Overdrive.

September 2021 Release

Human Erase


Another addition to the FTWNU2 roster is BONEFIRE! BONEFIRE features SID and GAGS (MISERY) as well as members of TROUBLE MAKER (CA) and SOCIAL SCHISM (UK). Labeled as one of the “standouts” in the music scene for 2018, BONEFIRE bring an old school punk sound reminiscent to DISCHARGE, GBH, and THE EXPLOITED. This six song CD/EP rips, and is accompanied by a six song download card, sticker, and a six panel lyric poster. Originally pressed by the band as a 2017 tour EP, FTWNU2 realized this needs to be heard by the masses, so it is repackaging and repressing it as the second CD release on the label with a follow-up 10 song full length LP/vinyl in early 2019!

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June/July 2019 Release

Fade and Decay

Trinity Test

Trinity Test formed in December 2015 when four friends since high school: Sam (vocals), Aaron (guitar), Siggy (bass) and Andy Wyers (drums) decided to turn their passion for punk musician into a band. They were influenced by powerful punk bands from the Twin Cities including In Defence, Ganglion, and Baby Guts. In April 2018, Dean joined the band as their new drummer.

Trinity Test has a dark pop punk sound with catchy riffs. Their songs have political and social messages about anti-homophobia, addiction, and standing up for one’s rights. They play shows around Minnesota in basements, coffee shops, bars and the music venues, always with energy and heart.

Their song “Tralala” was on the MPLS 4 Way Comp along with songs by Bonefire, No Skin and Cat Fantasy. A full-length album “Nothing Left” will be out in Spring 2019 on FTWNU2.

"Brutal Machine" by TrinityTest

Spring 2019 Release

Trinity Test

Dissident Clone

After the initial release of the DISSIDENT CLONE’S “CREATING THE CONSUMED” 7” vinyl EP, DISSIDENT CLONE is back with their 10-song CD/LP “CIVILIZED”. Recorded by JIM KAHMANN (DETERIORATION) and mixed by ADAM TUCKER (RELAPSE RECORDS). These 10 songs show the amazing progression vocally and musically DISSIDENT CLONE has evolved to! With cover artwork by the amazing VINCE LOCKE (CANNIBAL CORPSE FAME), this CD does not disappoint. This CD is accompanied by a 10 digital download card, 6 panel, two sided lyric poster and stickers! This is a must have for fans of crust, grindcore, d-beat and punk!

Latest Release


No Skin

NO SKIN formed in 2014 and is a no-frills MINNEAPOLIS hardcore band with current and past members of IN DEFENCE, DETERIORATION, and DECOMPOSER. Their sound is aggressive and unrelenting in the vein of NEGATIVE APPROACH and OUT COLD. They self-released a full length “ASKING FOR IT” in 2015 and a 12” EP “PAYING THE FINE” on GIVE PRAISE in 2017.

Latest Release

Hive / No Skin


HIVE began in 2014, assembled by past and current members of heavyweights such as DISEMBODIED, THREADBARE, ENDEAVOR, AND BOSNIA, combining the caustic and legendary Minneapolis sound of 90’s crust with influences from Pacific Northwestern dark hardcore and Swedish d-beat. The band self released their initial self titled EP on cassette and limited edition 12” vinyl, in addition to contributing music to RAZORCAKE’S Twin Cities compilation, and CVLT NATION’S tribute to the DEAD KENNEYS’ classic album ‘FRESH FRUIT FOR ROTTING VEGETABLES’. In 2017, CROWN AND THRONE LTD released ‘PARASITIC TWIN’, Hive’s debut full length record – a concussive blend of speed and weight under d-beat’s black cloud.