About FTWNU2

FTWNU2 is a small Minnesota based, and run, record label. Dealing with only Minnesotan bands, FTWNU2 wanted to show the world what this part of the country had to offer. Since Minnesota is under cold and snow seven months out of the year, this brings out some real, genuine, angry music.

Our first release was the DISSIDENT CLONE “Creating the Consumed” 7″ vinyl ep back in 2015. With a couple year hiatus, due to medical reasons, FTWNU2 came back strong in 2018 with 3 releases: DISSIDENT CLONE “CIVILIZED” 10 song cd, BONEFIRE “MURDERAPOLIS” 8 song cd and the HIVE/NO SKIN split 7″ vinyl ep.

Dissident Clone - Civilized
Bonefire - Murderapolis
Hive - No Skin

The BONEFIRE cd (100 for first pressing) sold out in three weeks, having us rush to make a 2nd pressing. Followed by the DISSIDENT CLONE cd (100 for first pressing) selling out and, again, having to do a second pressing.

The purpose of FTWNU2 was to put out quality products at low quantities, and this seems to be popular amongst the fans. It was also to highlight bands from the area that “pushed the envelope” or required “a certain palette” to appreciate. I think we’ve achieved that.

Global Distributors

In 2019, FTWNU2 really stepped up and now has global distribution through iTunes, Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, Napster, iHeartRadio, ClaroMusica, Saavn, Anghami, KKBox, MediaNet, and Instagram/Facebook.

Physical Distributors

As far as physical distributors, we are carried through: REVELATION RECORDS, EBULLITION RECORDS, DR.STRANGE RECORDS and REVENGE RECORDS (JAPAN).

Minnesota Record Stores

Extreme Noise Records

Minneapolis, MN

612.824.0100 | Website

UffDa Records

St. Cloud, MN

320.217.2116 | Website

Electric Fetus

Minneapolis, MN

612.870.9300 | Website

Down in the Valley

All Locations


Mill City Sound

Hopkins, MN

952.456.6547 | Website


St. Paul, MN

651.207.6856 | Website


All Locations


Upcoming Releases

The two main releases for FTWNU2 in 2019 are: BONEFIRE “FADE AND DECAY” 10 song vinyl lp an cd, as well as the TRINITY TEST S/T 10 song vinyl lp and cd. This will be a first for FTWNU2, having two full length releases on vinyl and cd at the same time! What an exciting time!

April 2019

Trinity Test – Trinity Test

June/July 2019

Bonefire – Fade and Decay


Now, to address the ongoing question of what FTWNU2 means. Well, it’s a pretty abrasive acronym that describes a certain mental state. F*CK THE WORLD, AND YOU TOO, was founded on the primitive punk ideals of the early 80’s. Growing up outside of LA, the punk/metal scene was pretty savage. Lots of angry kids, lots of angry music. If you weren’t one of us, one of the outsiders, outcasts, or rejects, then you were against us and to that goes the big F*CK YOU. Obviously now, in 2019, things have changed and the punk/metal scene is mainstream and commonplace. This won’t change our core beliefs and grass-roots ideas that we still hold true today. FTWNU2 won’t be a common household name, nor will it be popular because of the “catchy tunes” we put out. It will though attract people of the same mental and musical tastes we have. So to that we say, “Welcome…”

Much Love,

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